Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the difference between the four colours?

Green: Pro-Matrix Narrow (4.5mm) for pre-molars and children
Blue: Pro-Matrix Wide (6mm) for molars
Yellow: Pro-Matrix Curve Narrow (4.5mm) for pre-molars and children
Orange: Pro-Matrix Curve Wide (6mm) for molars

Q What is the advantage of Pro-Matrix Curve?

The bands are pre-contoured for more natural looking restorations and more predictable contact points.

Q Can it be used with wedges?

Yes. Any wedge can be used. See image below.

Q Can it be autoclaved?

No. This product is a single-use disposable item


Q Is it delivered sterile?

No. It is clean, equivalent to other types of matrix systems. Each Pro-Matrix is individually packed.


Q Can it be used with both composite and amalgam?

Yes. Pro-Matrix is suitable for both due to its high-tension mechanism allowing for compacting of amalgam.


Q Will it burnish?

Yes. In the normal way


Q Can more than one Pro-Matrix be used next to each other?

Yes. They stack tightly for patient comfort and excellent visibility.