Q What is thickness of band?
A 0.04mm
Q What is difference between blue and green?
A Blue is for Molars. Green is for Pre-Molars / Children
Q What is the width of blue and green?
A Blue = 6mm. Green = 4.5mm
Q Can it be autoclaved?
A No – this product is a single-use disposable item
Q Is it delivered sterile?
A No – it is not delivered sterile. It is clean equivalent to other types of matrix systems
Q How does the toggle work to shape the band to fit to the tooth??
A See video
Q Can it be used with wedges?
A Yes – see image

Q Can it be used with rubber dam?
A Yes – see image

Q Can it be used with composite and amalgam?
A Yes Pro-Matrix is suitable for both due to its high tension mechanism allowing for compacting of amalgam
Q Will it burnish?
A Yes – in the normal way
Q Can it be used in all 4 quadrants?
A Yes – the same Pro-Matrix can be used in all four quadrants
Q Can more than 1 Pro-Matrix be used next to each other?
A Yes – see image
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